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TYPE : Programmable Multi Axis Controller (PMAC)

Product Description


Input / Output :EtherCAT

Max Axes : 8, 16 or 32

Features : • Very small footprint, only 28.6mm wide
• Programmed via G-code, ANSI C or motion script
• Ethernet port for Modbus/TCP, PLC and programming
• Supports up to 32 servos, NX and GX slaves
• 1Gb main memory; 1Gb flash memory
• Very high-speed, motion cycle time: 250µS
• Free PMAC IDE software; CNC software available
• Takes 2 or 8Gb USB for additional storage
UPS supply source

Control modes

Control modes : Position, speed and torque


Applications : Advanced motion, including CAD/CAM and CNC


PMAC Quick Start Guide: O017-E-01
CK3E PMAC Hardware User’s Manual: I610-E1-01
IPC Box PMAC Hardware User’s Manual: W580-E2-03
Connection Guides