NX1P The New Micro Machine Controller

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TYPE : SYSMAC Micro Machine Controller

Product Description

Main Functions

• PLC logic functions integrated with up to 0, 2 or 4 axes of motion control
• Compliant to IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen Motion standards
• Built-in ports for Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT
• Supports up to 8 NX I/O Units to increase the I/O ad functions available
• Supports up to 2 option boards, for COM ports and additional analogue I/O
• NX1P Program simulation supported, can be incorporated with NA
SD Memory Card for data logging, programming, etc
• New SYSMAC Libraries to greatly simplify programming for complex functions

Programming Software

SYSMAC Studio Suite updated to support the NX1P series
Special SYSMAC LITE edition supports NX1P series and other Sysmac devices


Practices Guide for NX1P Programming
NX1P Hardware User’s Manual
NX1P Built-in I/O and Option Board User’s Manual
Communication Units
Motion Control
SYSMAC Studio Software

Peripheral Products

NX-series Modular I/O
NA series HMIs