SYSMAC Automation Platform

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TYPE : SYSMAC: A fully integrated platform

Microsite : SYSMAC Solutions / Robotic Solutions

CPU Datasheets : NX / NJ Series(new) OPC-UADelta RobotsDatabase ConnectionsCNC Control and SECS/GEM

Main Functions :

• Completely new robust architecture, based around Intel® Atom™ processor
• PLC logic functions integrated with up to 64 axes of motion control
• Built-in ports for Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT and USB
• Integrated modules for Robotic control, Database connectivity, CNC Control and others
• Speed and internal memory organisation & capacity greatly enhanced
• Offline simulation enhanced, with 3D modelling of motion functions
• Compliant to IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen Motion standards
• Stable AC/DC power supplies for: NJ Series and NX Series
• SD Memory Card for data logging, programming, etc
• New SYSMAC Libraries to greatly simplify programming for complex functions

Programming Software :

Completely new platform: SYSMAC Studio Suite, including the following integrated software:
• CX-Integrator
• CX-Designer
• CX-Protocol
• Network Configurator
• CX-Configurator-FDT

Manuals :

NJ Startup Guides
Communication Units
Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
Motion Control
Special I/O Units
Programming Software

Peripheral Products :

EtherNet/IP Networks
EtherCAT Networks
NA series HMIs
NX-series Modular I/O
Delta Robots
SYSMAC Libraries
NJ Network Connection Guides


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