Mavis backs up feeling uneasy, but still tries to be nice to them. Dennis | Wilson | Mavis then spots a slurpee machine and instantly rushes over to see it. Count Dracula, or simply just Dracula, is the main protagonist of the animated film Hotel Transylvania and its sequel. In the first film, she is 118 years old and meets Jonathan Loughran. Sonny Quinn | He is the owner of Hotel Transylvania and the father of his 18 (later 25)-year old daughter Mavis, father-in-law of Johnny and maternal grandfather of Dennis. It wasn't until in. Unlike her father, she doesn't seem to care that Dennis isn't a full vampire and accepts him for who he is even standing up to people who she assumes are prejudicing him for being a hybrid. Annoyed, Dracula says that he does not say "Bleh, bleh, bleh"., (To Dracula, after he gives her Monster Ball Soup), The name came from the name of the type of bird, also called the song thrush, derived from Old French, Miley Cyrus was originally cast as the voice for Mavis, but Miley ended up leaving the movie to focus on other projects, so. When the crew finally arrive at their destination, Mavis surprises Dracula and her family with a cruise. Mavis Dracula Loughran is the deuteragonist of the Hotel Transylvania series and movies. Big Z | Mavis Travels around the world with Johnny (Hotel Transylvania)Marries Johnny (Hotel Transylvania 2) Just then, Pandragora, a local monster arrives at the house after being invited by Linda to make Mavis feel better about her being a monster too. On her wedding day, she wore a black wedding dress with spider web design on the chest and a red jewel pendant. Mavis tries to get a flight, but is unable to do so due to flights being canceled. She is also always willing to help someone out, even if her own life is in danger. Whoopty | Mavis tells anyone to stop saying “normal”. Ingenue is generally a girl or a young woman who is endearingly innocent and wholesome. Judge Peckinpah | The name Mavis was initiated in the 1895 novel "The Sorrows of Satan" by Marie Corelli which featured a character named Mavis Clare. Suddenly Drac appears from the ceiling catching Mavis in the act. Showing all 39 items Jump to: Photos (27) Quotes (12) Photos . Mavis says goodbye to Dennis then she and Jonathan step into the hearse, and drive to the airport. However, Dennis senses Bela's Army approaching, and he flies off to fight them. Mavis notices her grandfather, Vlad, up on the stage with Kakie. Lucy stops crying and thanks Mavis, and reaches out to hug her. Mavis sets up a plane flight on a gremlin run airplane to the location of the cruise ship. Mavis has pale skin, beautiful blue eyes and short jet black hair with bangs. Giant Spider. Cyrus | Raising Dennis In one of the earlier drafts, Linda commented "you’re a hundred twenty something!" Gene doesn't like seeing his niece being hurt b… When it was time for the party, Mavis sewed a cape with her shirts and attends her birthday party. Mavis experienced a large growth spurt between one and two years of age. Gillmen. Personality Poppy | Ella | Mavis starts to feel uncomfortable, but thanks Linda anyway. Officer Earl Devereaux | Castle Lubov (formerly)Hotel Transylvania Fate Full Name Friends/Allies Mavis smiles and rolls her eyes. Mr. McMahon | Snowbell | Not too much is known as to what Mavis did all her life living inside the hotel, but it's know that she grown tired of living in the hotel, so she desires to journey off and see the world, and even wants to meet some humans.While her father was preparing for her 118th birthday, she practiced what to say to her father a… Mopsy Rabbit | The human village was fake--Dracula had forced the zombies to dress up as horrible vampire-killing humans. Mavis shows Dracula the video of him throwing Dennis off a tower and insulting her. Mavis is a headstrong, intelligent, curious, cheerful and independent vampire who has an attitude, but she is very sincere and gentle. Blobby | Mavis Dracula | Young Mavis She wants a little bit of independence and freedom from her father's overbearing nature and frequently gets exasperated with his ministrations. Here's seven hotel Transylvania characters in real life number one Mavis let's start off this list of this vampire who's believed to be at least 126 years old. Jonathan slips the wedding ring onto Mavis's finger and they kiss. Hatchlings | Tim Lockwood | Mavis hugs her father, thanking him for trusting her. Dracula invites some of the most famous monsters to celebrate the 118th birthday of his daughter Mavis (with an 18 year old aspect). In the second film, Mavis has a profile picture for her phone despite it being impossible for her or anybody else to have taken the picture. Then everyone notices that Dennis is missing. Seeing no other option, Mavis transforms into a bat, picks up Jonathan, and begins to fly herself back to the hotel. Mavis then sees a security camera and becomes excited. Gene | In the first film, she is 118 years old and meetsJonathan Loughran. Category:Gillmen. Ursa | Allies September 28 is the day when. Mavis uses her increased strength to punch and fight off the bat cronies. Wanda | Medusa is a supporting antagonist of Hotel Transylvania: The Series and the former friend of Lydia Dracula. Jonathan follows her up there to try to make her feel better. Gwen Stacy | Mavis runs to her closet, mostly filled with the same attire she is wearing, to get her suitcase and is about to fly out the window when a surprised Dracula stops her and asks where she was going. Later, Mavis walks up to Jonathan as they watch Kakie the Cake Monster's performance on stage. Aunt May | The wedding begins with Mavis walking down the aisle to Jonathan. Lycidias Dracula is an ancient member of the Dracula clan who has been referred to in several episodes: Mavis says "as Lycidias is my witness". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Seeing this, Jonathan takes her to the edge of the chimney, and hides Mavis inside his shadow to show her the sunrise. Mavis takes a liking to Jonathan's knowledge of the world and becomes a little saddened that she herself has never seen anything besides the hotel. She is the deuteragonist of Hotel Transylvania, one of the two tritagonists (alongside Jonathan Loughran) of Hotel Transylvania 2, the main protagonist of Hotel Transylvania: The Series, and the tritagonist of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. The two look up and lock eyes with each other, instantly feeling something for one another. Adam Sandler, the voice actor of Dracula, also happens to be of Russian-Jewish descent, meaning that Dracula mentioning a Bat Mizvah can be seen as a meta-joke of his voice actor's own Askenazi background. Proof of that is when she was at the "human" village. As they are dancing, Mavis asks Dracula why her grandpa Vlad didn't come. After Dennis blows out his birthday candle, Mavis takes him over to the presents corner to give him his birthday presents. Wendy Blob | When Jonathan asks how old Mavis is, he is startled at first to discover she is 118 years old, but when Dracula elbows him, he remembers his plan to keep his humanity a secret and lies, telling her he is 121. After the monster couple kiss, Dennis' giant pet dog Tinkles runs into the room, tearing apart all the chairs and tables. Sam Carter | Wendy is friends with the other monster kids. Mavis later meets up with her father again as he is trying to fly Jonathan out the window. Enemies However, Dracula assures her that the baby will be a vampire with the thousands of years of Dracula genes they have. Type of Hero Likes Zeta | Jonathan groggily asks Mavis if there's still time for a date night, but quickly falls back asleep. Either her makeup or her natural features portray her with black lips, lined eyes and dusky eyelids. Mavis wants a little bit of independence and trust from her father and often gets bored. Frantic, Mavis quickly calls her father, Dracula. Flint Lockwood | In the second film, after becoming a mother, Mavis begins to adopt some of her father's over protectiveness and attachment to her child. She eagerly asks Kal the cashier how people decide what flavored chips to get. Mavis becomes suspicious of why Dracula isn't going to check on the emergency, assuming it's because of Jonathan, but Dracula lies that it doesn't have anything to do with him. Mavis smiles and says yes. Mavis returns to her room where Jonathan, Dennis, and Tinkles are all sleeping together. Mike and Linda | Mavis excitingly asks to have a turn. Mavis looks at them and smiles. When Mavis asks Jonathan why he's back, Jonathan walks up to Mavis and explains to her that she is his zing. The film is being directed by Craig McCracken and written by Genndy Tartakovsky. ... Mavis (Selena Gomez) Dracula's daughter Mavis is the organizing force behind this summer's family vacation, and just wants her father to get some rest and relaxation. Mavis is heartbroken when she realizes her dad has fallen in love with Ericka and assumes she'll never see him again but he assures her nothing will tear them apart. Fangs Tinkles | Mavis Dracula By the time ofthe third film, she has become a busy worker for the hotel and still continues to live with her family there. Tinkles | but this line was cut from the final film. Wilbur | Mavis wants a little bit of independence and trust from her father and often gets bored. Peter Parker | Like most vampires she has long and sharp fangs. Mavis starts to feel really uncomfortable and retreats to the house's roof. Can I do anything? Blown away, Mavis comments that this is the most incredible thing she has ever seen. Ranger Beth | In the first movie he was the Tritagonist of the same, along with Dracula and Mavis, but in Hotel Transylvania 2 much of that role falls on his son Dennis, and he becomes more a supporting character. An innocent, wholesome, soft-spoken, and, amiable person. Peter Rabbit | However, the necklace is heavier than Dennis and he falls flat on his face. She starts jumping up and down in front of the camera, thinking it's for a live TV show. She takes extreme measures for his safety rarely leaving his side and wanting to move to California in order for her son to grow up in a safe environment and around other children like him. Mavy-WavyBaby ClawsBlood OrangeSweet FangsDevil ChopsHoney BatLittle MouseLittle Poison BerryLittle GhoulHoneybunch (Dracula's pet names)Vampire Girl (by Johnny)Honey (by Johnny)MommyMomMama (by Dennis) Reeko | Explore the world and find true love (succeeded)Protect Dennis from harm and raise him as both a half-human and vampire (succeeded)Enjoy a relaxing vacation with her family (succeeded)Find out where Ericka's loyalties lie (succeeded) Wanye | Not much is known as to what Mavis did for the vast majority of her life while living inside the hotel, but it's known that she grew tired of living in the hotel and desired to journey and see the world, even wanting to meet humans. Giselle | Dracula sees all this and fears that it is preventing him from being a monster. Mary | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mavis flies back to her room with sorrow. Later, her father moved himself and Mavis to live inside the newly constructed Hotel Transylvania, intending to keep her there forever in order to insure her safety from the outside world. The werewolf kids spot this and all rush to the candy. Stella | Just then, Jonathan gets a video message from a friend on his phone and shows it to Mavis. She is voiced by Selena Gomez. Mavis tries to call to check on Dennis, but Jonathan explains to her that Dennis is probably asleep in Transylvania right now. Mavis shrinks to bat form, telling her father that she's bored of the same parties every year. Charlotte & Sophie | By the the third film, she has become a busy worker for the hotel and still continues to live with her family there.