To raise the stakes, we took a new iPhone XR and the same XS that survived our initial pool test to Monterey Bay in California. Updated Nov. 20. The SIM card from the iPhone XR looked a little worse for wear after the dive. share. Posted by 3 days ago. highest level possible which means the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max offer The iPhone XS, on the other hand, was still going strong. In a patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday titled "Submersible Electronic Devices with Imaging Capabilities," Apple proposes a system that can automatically detect when a photograph is being taken underwater, and for the device to make a set of changes to the image to improve its overall appearance. The iPhone XS (right) was still going strong. Underwater photography is a unique genre in photography in that no matter what type of camera you use, you’ll need to waterproof it. Best Black Friday 2018 deals: The best discounts we've found so far. ... Motorola Modem & Router, Digital camera Waterproof case, iPhone XR box $10 (Irving) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. hide. Adventurous iPhone users wanting to use their devices to take photographs underwater may enjoy better results in the future, as Apple is exploring ways to automatically adjust an image when the smartphone is immersed in water to offer the best picture possible. and you should treat your iPhone accordingly". Current generation flagship smartphones give most point and shoot cameras a run for their money and Apple wants to only take this a step ahead.Reports suggest that the next-gen iPhones may offer better underwater photography. From surfing and snorkelling to skiing and mountain climbing, the Hitcase Pro is our strongest aluminum iPhone X and iPhone XS case . It was the first sign that anything was wrong with the phone and indicated that water had made its way into the SIM tray. If your phone is not waterproof or you don’t feel comfortable with having it in the water, there are waterproofing solutions available for a variety of smartphones that can enable you to take pictures underwater with your phone . Although the ProShot is not the best choice for everyday use since it doesn’t provide access to the charging ports or audio jack, but those who wish to use their iPhone for underwater photography agree that this is one of the best diving cases nowadays. Watch the video on this page for the full rundown of what happened -- and check out the epic underwater footage! I wasn’t particularly concerned, it’s IP68 rated, after all. After about 5 minutes of being submerged in the bay, we pulled the drone out of … Seeing as we haven't previously tested the iPhone XR's water resistance, we decided to put both phones on the drone and dive down to 2 meters. 273. "An LCI will activate when it contacts water or a liquid containing Now that you have the equipment in order, we’ll go through the basics and more advance principles of underwater photography with iPhone 5S. water. This isn't a scientific test, and be advised any sort of water or liquid contact may cause damage to your phone. We dried it off and tried to turn it on, but nothing. There was no evidence of water ingress or fogging on the lens. 3 things you need to know about when shooting underwater photos – … report. Super quality durable polycarbonate, ABS resist corrosion. It can reach depths of up to 100 meters, although the bay isn't anywhere near that deep. The iPhone XS … Both are at the very highest level possible which means the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max offer among the best dust and water-resistance possible. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. What you need 1. It wasn't fazed by splashes of hot tea, wine or a shallow swim in the salt water of the San Francisco Bay either. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Beyond waterproofing, the ORDTBY adds MIL-STD 810G military standards to protect against drops up to 6.6 feet in the air, thanks to its scratch-proof polycarbonate and silicone-based build quality that also adds a non-slip grip. 7 comments. There is nothing indicated saying that the water damage will occur outside of the normal range as you put it. Are the iPhone X models waterproof or water-resistant? The iPhone XR held on for a little longer, but after 6 minutes, 50 seconds, the screen went completely black. Um. Smartphones, including the iPhones, struggle in low-light conditions without flash, so underwater low-light photography is practically impossible. Sections such as distance detection, outside of computational photography or using the dual-lens camera system on some models, may be improved by the addition of a depth mapping-capable sensor on the rear. better than what you will find in other IP68 devices. Once they had bobbed around in the currents for another 5 minutes, we brought them up again, cleaned them off and inspected them. According to Apple, the iPhone XR can survive a dunk up to 1 meter (3 feet) for 30 minutes, meeting the IP67 standard. "To find out if the LCI in your device contacted liquid, find your Though the iPhone XS has an IP68 rating, which guarantees protection in water up to 1.5m deep for 30 minutes, I know I don't want to risk dropping it into a swimming pool completely unprotected. The iPhone XR also looked like it had developed a slight bulge in the screen, as it separated slightly from the side of the phone (this was the same side as the SIM tray). With the ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 frames per second, the iPhone X is the ultimate underwater imaging camera for all divers. within the product's environmental requirements". We left it submerged until we hit the 30-minute mark. AxisGO iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone X/iPhone Xs Waterproof Phone Housing for Underwater Action Photography Snorkeling Surfing Travel Case - Ocean Blue $159.20 $ 159 . Tell that to my iPhone X that spent less than 2 minutes in my swim shorts pocket, helping my toddler into the shallow end of the pool, before I remembered it was there. Once the device detects the user is underwater, an assortment of sensors are employed to determine what needs to be changed in an image. SeaLife is introducing a new compact and lightweight underwater housing for Apple’s iPhone. This time, we decided to leave them for as long as we could (that is, until the recording space on the drone ran out). A leak suggested the iPhone 11 will be able to detect your touch even when it’s wet or submerged in water, which would solve the main problem for underwater photography. If you’re thinking of upgrading your iPhone X, the iPhone XS is a great option. The iPhone XS is designed to hold up to this just fine, but the iPhone XR isn't supposed to go that deep. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content. Turns out if your iPhone XS goes for a deeper swim than expected in salt water, it might just survive. These can include a color ambient light sensor, which could be used to measure ambient light spectra above and under water, which can determine how much light is being absorbed by the water, affecting the shot. Today we have for you a water test of the Apple Iphone Xs /Xs Max in the pool, testing out the IP68 rating on this phone. To help get our phones under the water without them drifting away, OpenROV built a custom mount just for us with flotations to hold the phones side-by-side in front of the lens. save. Note that the iPhone XS Max has exactly the same camera as the iPhone XS. Shock proof, waterproof and dust, dirt and mud proof, the Hitcase Pro for iPhone X or iPhone XS is the ultimate tough iPhone case for activities and lifestyles that demand it. The SeaLife SportDiver underwater housing works with all iPhone ® models 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro Max, SE (2nd Gen), 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max running iOS 13* or higher. The indicator's color is normally white or silver, but when it Adjust Exposure. The pilot can control the craft using a wireless controller. In the case of this patent application, the array of sensors offered on an iPhone have the potential to perform many of its elements. Enter the SHIELD Metal iPhone Case... Sure, … LCI won't activate because of humidity and temperature changes that are 100% Upvoted. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. product in the table below and locate the LCI or LCIs in your device. As technology progressed, the number of water resistant devices has increased, making it easier for practically anyone to try and take a photograph while submersed. Underwater photography isn't a new concept, as it has been an idea that has been used by both professional and amateur photographers to produce some imaginative shots, as well as to show off things that simply cannot be seen above water, like fish swimming around a coral reef. Puluz For iPhone X Xs XSMAX XR 40m Waterproof Underwater Housing Shell Diving Phone Case. and not waterproof. Waterproof up to 8 feet below the surface, the ORDTBY iPhone X/Xs case is an outstanding choice for iPhone owners. The phones were still fine once we dried them off and tested them. contacts water or a liquid containing water, it will turn fully red. So we took them to the bottom of Monterey Bay, around 8 meters. It comes with a floating hand grip and a GoPro mount. Recommended iPhone 11 Pro Max waterproof cases ProShot Touch for iPhone 11 Pro Max. Slim, tough, soft options. You can connect it to a variety of different handles and attachments for easy and creative shooting no matter how deep you dive. QUICK SETUP – Insert your iPhone and clamp the case closed, you’re now setup to go with a waterproof housing for your iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Xs or iPhone X, it’s that easy! ... 2018 Apple Iphone Xs And Xs MAX Underwater Waterproof … Both phones survived far greater depths than they were rated for, even though we didn't leave them in for 30 minutes at a time. share. That being said, because the iPhone XS had already been dunked previously, its speakers sounded more muffled and less clear than those on the iPhone XR, which sounded perfectly fine. The iPhone XS is designed to hold up to this just fine, but the iPhone XR isn't supposed to go that deep. favorite this post Jan 2 350 Pcs - Cell Phone Accessories , Apart from capturing some amazing underwater wildlife swimming in the background, nothing out of the ordinary happened. FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY – The ease of setup and operation mean the whole family can enjoy the underwater photography experience We checked inside the SIM tray to see if the Liquid Contact Indicator had been activated, but nothing was visible. That's where waterproof cases come in. 4 2 24. comments. With the ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 frames per second, the iPhone X is the ultimate underwater imaging camera for all divers. Why that should be covered by warranty, I don't understand. Tried out my first SF night photo with the iPhone 12 Pro using night mode. report. The more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max can withstand double that: 2 meters for 30 minutes, aka IP68. Adopt seamless and fully enclosed process, protect against water, drops, scratches, and dirt. Gone are the days of packing and carrying cases of underwater photo gear. Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone XS iMore 2021. Aquaman is going to absolutely LOVE this. This should be the first problem to be solved, before enabling advanced photography under water. light or the device until you can see the LCI". repellent". After pulling both phones up to the surface, the iPhone XR was completely down for the count. On the IP68 water resistant devices like the iPhone X, if there is water damage, you're doing something outside its specified range. Capture photos and video with your iPhone XS or X in the rain, on your boat, or 33' below the surface via the seafoam green AxisGO Water Housing from AquaTech.Benefit from full touchscreen access through the hard-coated polycarbonate, allowing you to record beautiful images of the natural world and share them instantly with your favorite iOS apps. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. stands for protection against liquid ingress. Drying off both phones with a microfiber cloth, the touchscreens on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS were still fully functional. Open The iPhone XS Camera, Fast (So You Don’t Miss Any Incredible Shots!) even says the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are beer, tea, and coffee Exceptional exposure control, extended dynamic range, outstanding noise reduction, color fidelity, and new levels of sharpness and detail, make the iPhone X the ultimate smartphone to use for underwater imaging. For the next attempt, we upped the ante to see just how much these phones could take. 282. Removing the SIM card tray resulted in a big splash of water coming out of the cavity. Current rumors suggest the 2019 iPhones could use a triple-camera system with a depth mapping-capable imaging sensor, one that could potentially be used for augmented reality applications and for improved Portrait photography. Originally published Nov. 17. save. iPhone 12 Pro. Apple specifies that water damage is not covered under warranty. An But the biggest surprise was that the iPhone XS had zero signs of water damage, apart from the same muffled speakers we'd previously noted. Long submersion periods may damage the device, therefore you need … But outside the official ratings, how deep can these phones really go? Unlocked iPhone XS Max 256gb $650 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. A week after this water test, the iPhone XS was still going strong. Depending on Apple's implementation, it is entirely plausible for an underwater-mitigating image filtering system to be offered as part of a software update for iPhone models with water resistance ratings. Compatible with Apple: iPhone X Xs XsMax XR. When it comes to smartphone photography, this can be as simple as a waterproof case, housing, or bag. FBI investigates iPhone data over Capitol attack and school iPad recoveries in the Apple Crime Blotter, Bumble warns Apple privacy push could hurt business in IPO filing, DOJ keeps 80-year-old music licensing rules affecting Apple Music intact, Second season of Apple TV+'s 'Ted Lasso' starts production, Apple adds 'Privacy' collection to iOS Tips app, Here's where Apple Stores have reopened and closed again around the world, Apple Maps now shows curated list of volunteer opportunities from VolunteerMatch, Apple starts early work on folding iPhone, testing in-screen Touch ID for 'iPhone 13'. What about warranty claims for water damage? Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. "The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max water-resistance capabilities are not as good as the Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4 which means you should not take the phone swimming with you". "In typical Apple fashion, the IP68 certification of the iPhone XS is Buttons and speakers still worked. But around 3 minutes in, the iPhone XR flashed a warning on screen about the SIM card. The fact that it survived up until this depth was a genuine surprise. I took it to my towel, dried it off and let it sit for a couple of hours. The Trident is super-rugged, so you can pull it out of the water using its tether cable without damaging the unit. 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However, smartphone cameras aren’t optimized for underwater photography, therefore it can get quite tricky. ... iPhone XS Max; The free SportDiver app captures photos and video directly to your iPhone’s camera roll. $400. After about 5 minutes of being submerged in the bay, we pulled the drone out of the water. What Else Can The iPhone XS Max Do For Photographers? In fact, Apple AppleInsider has affiliate partnerships and may earn commission on products purchased through affiliate links. The SportDiver can encase iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro Max, and SE (2nd Gen) models. Clear image view and easily control underwater. But they are water resistant, and you can take them for a swim without too much concern -- even in salt water. 40m/130ft maximum waterproof depth, suitable for underwater photography. As per a recently published patent report, Apple is working on a totally new camera design for iPhone which will improve underwater photography. We've already put the XS to the test in our earlier water test, and it survived being submerged in chlorinated pool water for 30 minutes. A smartphone. The new SeaLife SportDiver housing will allow divers to take photos and video with their iPhone down to 130 feet or 40 meters. SETTINGS. The depth was 5 meters and we left them for around 19 minutes before pulling them out of the bay. Bear in mind again that the phone was submerged to around eight times the depth it was rated for, and it had been dunked for sustained periods previously as we went down into the bay. For round 2, we put the phones back on the drone, started the timers again, and let them go down to 3 meters. Other sensors including depth, distance, pressure, and orientation sensors, can also be used to find out other items, like how murky the water is, how far below the surface the device is, and how far away the subject is from the lens. Shoot even wider images with our new 120/140 degree wide angle lens. iPhone X and XR: IP67 rate, submersible up to 3ft/1m up to 30 minutes. The iPhone XS also has an upgraded HDR feature called Smart HDR. The team hooked up an external monitor so we could see the drone's view as it travelled underwater. There’s a world of difference between the two terms For best results, you’ll need a fairly recent smartphone with a good camera. Backscattered light could also be used by a light detector to find out the water's murkiness. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 20 $199.00 $199.00 Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 28 I have AppleCare+ but it was still disappointing that it was damaged by water in pretty minimal conditions for what it is rated for. The iPhone XR (left) went dark at around 6 minutes, 50 seconds. First attempt underwater with my iPhone XS (plus a waterproof case) iPhone XS. The ProShot Waterproof iPhone case is a deep-diving iPhone photography case that allows you to capture stunning photography and video up to 50 meters deep. Stylish and protective for iPhone SE, 11, XS, X, 8, and more. Before submerging the phones, we set the screens to stay on and set a timer. CES 2021 showed us how robots can ease our pandemic woes, Widgets on Galaxy S21 vs. iPhone 12: Samsung One UI 3 beats iOS 14, Discuss: We took the iPhone XS and XR into 26-foot-deep water. There was no evidence of any water damage to the phones, but the iPhone XS speaker still sounded muted compared to the iPhone XR. It promises to create better HDR photos, even when your subject is moving. Get the Right Waterproof iPhone Case. among the best dust and water-resistance possible. After that it was boot-looping and needed a replacement. Underwater reefscape – photo credit Wikimedia Commons . Both are at the very Taking all of this data into account, the system could make adjustments to the image, including changing the color to mitigate light absorbed or reflected by the water's surface, the color of the water itself in natural locations, and to enhance the subject in cases where murky water can make it harder to see. This is the custom rig attached to the Trident that OpenROV made to hold both the phones. Again, both phones were fully functional. help you see the LCI, use a lighted magnifying glass and angle the Find out which iPhone is the most waterproof, plus if you can take it in the shower or swimming ... while others assure you that underwater photography in pools is perfectly safe. What if I told you that … Only one survived, Google Doodle celebrates basketball inventor. This is the view we saw from the Trident's camera, from the monitor on shore. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes). The speakers were mostly recovered, but there was still a little distortion when playing back heavy bass or lower frequencies.