Chances are they’re either trying to get money out of you or have been taken in by someone doing the same to them. Good Luck. The fifth ingredient in the food is chicken. 4 Reviews Indeed “moisture (max) is listed at 78%. About 2 weeks ago he stopped eating he was 18 lbs he has lost weight and now only weights 9lbs. Special Kitty is made by The J.M. Chicken is a good source of protein, Vitamin B6, Niacin, and Phosphorus. It shall be suitable for use in animal feed.” Lots of people dislike the idea of meat by-products in pet foods today but if you buy kidneys or brains at the butcher’s shop, they are perfectly acceptable for human consumption. Smucker Company issued a voluntary recall for a number of their Special Kitty brand wet cat food products. Special Kitty Cat Food Recalled From the WebMD Archives Dec. 9, 2019 -- Certain lots of Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Pate that may pose a risk to cats' health have been recalled, the J. M. Smucker Co. said. No guaranteed analysis provided on the site that we found. It looks more like a whipped topping consistency. We randomly selected Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner to review. I have 2 kittens that are now 4 months old. Several Special Kitty brand wet canned cat food products are being recalled due to "health concerns" about ingredients that may not meet the company's quality standards. This is an all life stage food. Are there any other reported illnesses and what should I do about this? There is very little information about the food online. Overall, it looks like many people buy these foods to feed feral cats, colonies of cats, or barn cats. They also have Special Kitty Select Gourmet Variety Pouches and variety packs of some of their classic pates and dinners. We won’t criticize Special Kitty for using meat by-products. On occasion, our suggestions for high-quality pet products will direct you to our partner site(s), where we may earn a small commission, which financially supports further development of Kitty Catter. Whether you buy cat food at the grocery store or at a pet store, you may be buying something that's actually bad for your pet. I have fed my 8yo tomcat special kitty for his entire life, only recently changing the brand in an attempt to accommodate two older rescues I took in. I currently feed her a fish-based dog food. No guaranteed analysis provided on the Walmart site. Meat by-products are “the non-rendered, clean parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. you are not suppose to feed main coon cats regular cat food they have to be on a special diet, I tired the outdoor special kitty to see if it put weight back on my animals since they been eating it my cats have lost weight and is causing them to poop blood, we have just lost a 10month old kitten and all he ate is the special kitty wet food. This is the same company that makes 9Lives. You can match ingredients for half the price, usually. He seams fine and is still active but just wont eat the food. It sounds to me like your dog suffers from one or more food allergies. It's cheap for a reason. Is this true? Your cat will meow for mealtime when you serve them Special Kitty Gourmet Premium Cat Food. of food. Just bought a bag of special kitty. Smucker Company Cause: “Products don’t meet the Company’s quality and safety standards” Announcement: FDA announcement on Dec. 5, 2019 (archived here) What was recalled: Specific lots of Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Paté cat food, in individual small cans as well as in variety packs: Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Paté, 5.5 oz. The first five ingredients in the food are: Water Sufficient For Processing, Meat By-Products, Turkey, Chicken, and Soy Flour. So if these products are being recalled. Best If Used By Date Location: Back of bag. This is a maintenance cat food. slide 2 of 3, My cats usually preferred sliced foods, but if you think are buying a pate, that’s what you should be getting. bag of dry cat food. The first five ingredients are: Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Poultry By-Product Meal, Soybean Meal, and Wheat Middlings. The cats seemed to prefer and gravitate to the Special Kitty, so we switched to it. The first five ingredients in this food are: Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Poultry By-Product Meal, Soybean Meal, and Animal Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols). Checking the Walmart site, we found wet food, dry food, pouches, and variety packs. If so it should show a reason. Shop top rated brands like WholeHearted, Blue Wilderness, Natural Balance, Nutro, & more. No way didn’t I think or know I was giving my cat the wrong food. Special Kitty Outdoor 44 Lbs Bag of Dry Cat Food, Serve Them Only the Best Food, Wholesome Ingred… Special Kitty Cat Food is extremely cheap. 82.0%; Ash (Max.) This is a growth and maintenance food. We have previously reported that Walmart commissioned the Mars Corporation to create Special Kitty according to the standards for 9Lives and the two foods are virtually identical, except for the packaging. Itâ s high in protein to help support lean muscle and helps support proper hydration. There is basically no nutritional value to this food. Activate to move to this slide, Special Kitty Pate Wet Cat Food, 22 oz, Various Flavors, Special Kitty Outdoor Formula Dry Cat Food, 44 lb, [Multiple Sizes] Special Kitty Gourmet Formula Dry Cat Food, Seafood Flavor Blend, Special Kitty Pate Wet Food Classic Variety Pack, 13 oz, 12 Pack, [Multiple Sizes] Special Kitty Complete Nutrition Formula Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Turkey Flavor, Special Kitty Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Pea Flavor, Special Kitty Poultry & Beef Variety Pack Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food, 5.5 oz, 36 Count, [Multiple Sizes] Special Kitty Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Turkey Flavor with Oatmeal, Special Kitty Gourmet Formula Dry Cat Food, 3.15 lb, Special Kitty Favorites Variety Pack Cuts in Gravy Cat Food, 24 Count. I got the special Kitty wet food. 3.0%; Taurine (Min.) I got special kitty dry and all my cat are throwing up and it seem like any thing I get my cats keep throwing up. Use the coupons before they're expired for the year 2021. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat to live a healthy life. Got a Question about Walmart’s Ol Roy or Special Kitty Pet Food? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No guaranteed analysis for the food is provided. J.M Smucker now manufactures both brands. 07/14/18 Mesa, AZ With it being an outside cat, a variety of things are available to it. Our other cat was fine but had refused to eat it. This was due in large part to Walmart’s 3,800 retail locations and unbeatable low prices. We have switched back to the Pedigree and the disaster appears to have subsided. Started off with the dry kitten food and now eats the gourmet dry food. Special Kitty Select Ultra Gourmet CAT Food Grilled Variety Pack Consisting of three mouth-watering flavours, cat's will come running for any one of these ultra gourmet meals. As with other Special Kitty foods, the ingredient list starts with “sufficient water for processing.” In other words, water is the prime ingredient. The kind of liver isn’t specified but it could be chicken or beef or even pork. Under no circumstance should you misconstrue our suggestions as medical advice. Expires 9/2/13. I have always gave my cats special kitty can food and last night I opened a gourmet dinner and it was hard in the middle minding I have already gave my cats some which I didn’t notice until I put the spoon so I dumped it on a plate and it was black in the middle and bottom I need to know who to talk to and show the picture to im so mad and I will buy special kitty no more. There is very little information about the food online. Made with ❤️ in Seattle by Get Niche. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. She is the author of The Dog Adoption Bible, the Dog Writers Association of America award-winner for 2013. We lost a couple of them to literal starvation. they’d rather starve than eat it. It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes things just go wrong, and organs stop working. According to many cat lovers and comments on cat sites, the wet food is comparable to 9 Lives, Fancy Feast, and Friskies.Checking the Walmart site, we found wet food, dry food, pouches, and variety packs. He is perfectly healthy. Hydrolyzed Yeast is a flavor enhancer that is somewhat related to MSG. Over the next month we witnesses weight loss in all the nursing mothers. What is going on? Then go and find a real cat food (Taste of the Wild for example). Here at, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Check out the feeding guide on the Special Kitty bag. We try to keep an open mind about every brand. At the last one I went to they told me that they no longer carried the larger bags. What is Human Grade Cat Food…and Which Brands are Best? The first five ingredients are: Sufficient Water For Processing, Chicken, Meat By-Products, Wheat Gluten, and Natural Flavors. The cat food might be working fine now, but because cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores, the mismatch could cause health concerns in the future. This is not unusual in a wet cat food. No guaranteed analysis was provided for this food or for other Special Kitty canned foods. Special Kitty is just one of the many cat food brands that are sold exclusively at a retail location. They carry many pet foods, some for better prices than you can find at pet food specialty stores. This food is listed as a “classic pate” and some of Special Kitty’s foods are pate/loaf-style foods. It’s hard to draw conclusions or make recommendations without seeing guaranteed analyses. Although it is described on the can as a “classic pate,” customers in the reviews report that the turkey is sliced or shredded with small round bits of cheese. {"popup_ID":2939,"when_popup_appear":"exit","delay":"","x_second":"","x_scroll":"","disappear":"","exptime":"","hideclsbtn":"","clsonesc":"1"}, Overall Special Kitty Cat Food Reviews and Analysis, 11 Best Cat Foods in 2021 – [Expert Reviewed & Rated]. There were no recognizable chunks of anything in the liquid slurry. I will continue to purchase it, I will also recommend it to other feline owners. Then why is WalMart selling it. And it contains caramel color. These kittens are growing and in excellent health. It’s a good source of Thiamin, Zinc, Copper and Manganese, and a very good Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Phosphorus and Selenium. We do think the wet foods look better than most of the dry foods, just based on the ingredients. It’s good to see someone posting an honest review, and not just maligning a food because it doesn’t cost a fortune. Worst cat foods, sounds really bad right? These large cans of special kitty cat food last for three days when fed in combination with his dry kitten chow.. The cat could have eaten anything. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. A good all around vet controlled worming should be a first step in nutrition concern. Copyright © Kitty Catter 2020. The fourth ingredient in the food is liver. Many cats enjoy it. Activate to move to this slide, slide 3 of 3, 1 is currently very I’ll and am not sure if he’s going to live. Your email address will not be published. Also, urinary tract problems are fairly common among older cats. Unlike most other pet food lines, Walmart brands Ol Roy Dog Food and Special Kitty Cat Food do not have a website providing pet... Susan Thixton July 6, 2009. They don’t like the pate so I only get the ones with meat pieces in gravy. The canned foods seem to have a lot of meat protein. Special Kitty is made by The J.M. 3.0%; Crude Fiber (Max.) They include Mixed Grill Dinner, Meaty Turkey & Giblets Dinner, Turkey & Giblets Dinner (which seems to be different from Meaty Turkey & Giblets Dinner), Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner, Savory Turkey & Cheese Dinner in Gravy, Chunky Chicken & Tuna Dinner, Savory Sliced Beef Dinner in Gravy, Super Supper Dinner, Savory Salmon Dinner, and Chicken & Tuna Dinner (which may or may not be different from Chunky Chicken & Tuna Dinner). Electrode, Comp-640e6694-ac89-4bcd-ab63-a1ebdca5c0c6, DC-eus2-prod-a9, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-20.0.40, SHA-41ed8468826085770503056bd2c9bc8be5b55386, CID-8dcbd8b9-007-17710004db7d76, Generated: Sun, 17 Jan 2021 10:59:51 GMT, Electrode, Comp-1cdb7df0-016c-42f4-8b34-60e315a758d7, DC-eus2-prod-a9, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-20.0.40, SHA-41ed8468826085770503056bd2c9bc8be5b55386, CID-6bb3538b-008-1771003c65cae8, Generated: Sun, 17 Jan 2021 11:03:38 GMT, Electrode, Comp-a4c7b4d3-984e-495f-b5f5-a4312e699a25, DC-eus2-prod-a12, ENV-prod-a, PROF-PROD, VER-9.49.5, SHA-5def93a260d22473ab3a090734e7e436d3232393, CID-050e8113-007-177101419eb48a, Generated: Sun, 17 Jan 2021 11:21:29 GMT, Error: Please enter a valid ZIP code or city and state. Special Kitty Cat Food. Special Kitty Select Ultra Gourmet CAT Food Grilled Variety Pack Consisting of three mouth-watering flavours, cat's will come running for any one of these ultra gourmet meals. However, it’s hard to judge without seeing the guaranteed analyses for the foods. Your loving gift will give us enough funds to pay for the cat food … Special Kitty deal from Wag - 20% off of pet food. Today I went to 3 different Wal-Marts looking for either the 35lb. Special Kitty Mixed Grilled Dinner is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrients profiles for growth and maintenance. *PLEASE HELP* However, without seeing the guaranteed analyses for the foods it’s hard to make the kind of comparisons we would like to make. Additionally, Carlotta is the author of Canine Cuisine: 101 Natural Dog Food & Treat Recipes to Make Your Dog Health and Happy, as well as other books about pets. I feed a large clowder of cats in the neighborhood and I need to find cat food that is both nutritious and inexpensive. CODES (4 days ago) Special Kitty is Walmart’s house brand cat food. I thought Special Kitty was a good brand now to look for this Blue Buffalo brand. Lots of people cook liver. No health problems whatsoever. We searched all over the Internet. Special Kitty canned cat food recalled in 2021. The ingredients are awful quality. The second ingredient in the food is water sufficient for processing. He’s very healthy, but I don’t overfeed like many people do. SPECIAL KITTY Gourmet Cat Food… Chagrin Falls, Ohio – October 28, 2008 – SPECIAL KITTY® Gourmet Blend dry cat food sold at 15 US Wal-Mart locations, made by Mars Pet Care was recalled yesterday due to potential contamination with Salmonella. Plastic mostly causes this..I had the same thing happen to my cats and looked it up.. Google it and you will easily find information. We don’t agree with some sites that assume just because foods cost less or come from discount stores that they are awful. The food also contains guar gum which is a common thickening agent in canned pet foods, along with carrageenan. He LOVES it! Check out our latest Special Kitty Coupons: Buy Special Kitty from Wag - 15% off of pet food at Many people seem to buy this food to feed multiple cats or stray cats, but the cats do seem to like it. I’ve had my cat for a good 8ish years now. Special Kitty has had a number of recalls in the past. Went to Walmart on Sunday (7/30/2017) to buy Special Kitty Cat Litter and was told it was recalled but they couldn’t tell me why. This is an all life stage food. Smucker Company today announced a limited voluntary recall on certain lots of 9Lives, EverPet, and Special Kitty canned cat food due to possible low levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1). As a ‘budget’ food, many cat owners have questions about Special Kitty, especially after it was involved in the recent pet food … According to many cat lovers and comments on cat sites, the wet food is comparable to 9 Lives, Fancy Feast, and Friskies.Checking the Walmart site, we found wet food, dry food, pouches, and variety packs. The third ingredient in this food is poultry by-products. We have no idea how many calories are in the food. You should be aware that some customer reviews we read reported that foods that were listed as pate were actually sliced foods. It’s usually preferable to the much lower moisture content found in dry cat foods. Earlier this month, the J.M. There is very little information about the food online. In 2015 The J.M. He has not been disappointed by Special Kitty, he enjoys his moist food, and it does not break my budget.. I bought several varieties of Special Kitty cans to try out on my three cats. Every week we must ask for help from Kitty Lovers from all over the world, so that we may feed the special needs & unwanted kitties under our care. All posts tagged "Special Kitty cat food" Pet Food News. All my cats and kittens got very sick last month with walmarts special kitty g. food. The J.M. They hate it so much they make scratching motions around their bowls as if they were in the litter box and the food was poop. Puffy Paws Kitty Haven buys the cat food from the wholesaler Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. From looking at lots of the Special Kitty foods – dry, pouches, and canned – and checking their ingredients, we think these foods are average compared to most other cat foods. He will eat his treats but won’t touch his food. 1.0%; Moisture (Max.) Free shipping with no order min. My cat turned down this food. Many cats and dogs like these organs. Special Kitty Select Variety Pouches includes four chicken and duck in gravy pouches, four chicken dinner in gravy pouches, and four rotisserie chicken flavor in gravy pouches. The guaranteed analysis shows: Crude Protein (Min.) Product: SPECIAL KITTY(R) Gourmet Blend Dry Cat Food. My cat has been getting 1/6 of a 6 oz can of Special Kitty canned food as an afternoon treat for 9 years. My cats wouldn’t eat this crap. The foods might be better than we think. 9Lives, EverPet, and Special Kitty Canned Cat Food Recall. My question is have you changed anything with the food, anything at all ? Special Kitty cat food recall. Certain lots of Special Kitty cat food that are sold in 5.5 ounce cans are being recaleld for health concerns that can cause seizures. They have eight classic pate canned foods and several dinner in gravy foods – some of which seem to come only in packages of several cans. (I think he had an allergic reaction) Any one have advice how how to help his poor little lip? The first five ingredients in the food are: Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Poultry By-Product Meal, Animal Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols), and Natural Flavors (Source of Shrimp, Crab, Salmon And Tuna Flavors). I lost yet another pet yesterday my cat,due to jaw cancer, my dog the very same tumor..he used to get into the a Special Kitty brand litter of my cats,which I’ve been using for yrs,,mike my dog past last year at this time..of a horrible tumor his teeth were literlally falling out,I think your special kitty brand is the culprit …both died,,same tumor..I need t hear back from someone in regards to this or I will take it further…. or 44lb. The exception is “Chunky Chicken & Tuna Dinner.” (22 Oz cans) When I opened the can I was greeted not with “chunks” but a pink slime. We tried Special Kitty canned food in exactly the same size cans, and at the same price. Here’s a look at just the wet foods. Other ingredients of interest in the food include steamed bone meal – considered the most natural form of calcium and phosphorus available to animals. Yes, some cats have trouble with the dry food, like my sister’s older cat, who needs a more expensive brand, but who still does quite well on their canned pate, but too many people, and vets, decide to blame the food when they don’t know what makes an animal sick. (The change would have had no effect, as they have been diagnosed today with early kidney failure). If they insist, buy a small bag and take it to your favourite pet specialty store. Restrictions apply. Carlotta Cooper is a freelance writer and a long-time contributing editor for the weekly dog show magazine, Dog News. Some Special Kitty products are only available in-store while others can be purchased online. There are ‘odd’ foods you can get at pet stores, now, too, like kangaroo-based foods. Special Kitty Original Complete and For Kittens may have the best ingredients, just judging by the fact that they have meat protein as the first ingredient in the foods. To ensure we are able to help you as best we can, please include your reference number. If you have a bag of this around, go look at the ingredients. Urinary tract problems (crystals and stones) in male cats are not unusual, especially when they’ve been eating “high ash” dry food and not drinking sufficient water. Special Kitty discounted at Wag - Save 10% on select brands of pet food at If anything happens to any of my cats I will sue. I don’t feed them the Special Kitty dry because I have found a better one that has more protein. In 2005, Special Kitty held a 19% share of the overall cat food market in the United States, beating out all other private brands combined, as well as even Purina Cat Chow. From what we can tell on the Walmart web site, Special Kitty currently has four kinds of dry cat food and one dry kitten food. If your kitty is new to our feline formula, add a little to their current food and gradually increase over 7-10 days until the new food is 100% incorporated into their daily diet. Required fields are marked *. It includes, but is not limited to, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, partially de-fatted low temperature fatty tissue, and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents. WALMART "coyote_sc" Special Kitty. Sorry, this webpage requires JavaScript to function correctly. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.If you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Care. 4 Reviews Special Kitty Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Turkey Flavor with Oatmeal, 14 lb Walmart USA $ 8.74. Very displeased!!! bags available. Can you please tell me why it has been recalled. Our one cat eats everything . We’re having technical issues, but we’ll be back in a flash. I’ve tried two different flavors. They keep ordering it and none are showing up on the truck! We tried NomNomNow's fresh cat food delivery service. Anyway change to a vet food, because no vet would agree to buying this crap. I have been feeding them canned Special Kitty for 3 months and haven’t had any problem. To whom it may concern such as eco-friendly, stocked. It does not include hair, horns, teeth and hoofs. CODES (2 days ago) Special Kitty is Walmart’s house brand cat food. WALMART "coyote_sc" Special Kitty. We appreciate your support and confidence in our ratings and reviews, and welcome any feedback via our comment section or contact form that may assist us in helping other pet parents stay informed. I have had 2 of my outside cats and up sick before the recall. It’s not unusual for canned cat food to have a lot of protein and cats may like this food. They probably are comparable to 9 Lives and Fancy Feast as others have suggested. Special Kitty also makes For Kittens dry cat food. One of our Maine coon kittens died!!! You pay more but I wish I had never given my male cat this food….thee vet food would have saved me the 1500.00 dollars it cost to get my cat better. The J.M. My cat is 14 yrs old and I have fed him special kitty dry food since he was a baby it is the only food he has ever ate and have never had any problems or health issues. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on cat food. Special Kitty Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls 2020. Good news — You can still get free 2-day shipping, free pickup, & more. Chicken liver, for example, is 63 percent protein, 35 percent fat, and 2 percent carbs. Grab the latest working Special Kitty Cat Food coupons, discount codes and promos. Smucker Company of Orrville, Ohio, has announced a voluntary recall of certain lots of 9Lives, EverPet, and Special Kitty canned cat foods due to the possibility of low levels of thiamine (vitamin B1) in the foods. I’m grieving for three small faces that depended on me and I failed to protect them. The recall was issued due to health concerns, specifically that certain ingredients used in the products didn’t meet the company’s standards for safety and quality. We found information from 2008 and 2012 that other people have compiled, but no percentages for the current foods. Special Kitty is Walmart’s house brand cat food. Worms are highly common in outside cats. So far special kitty kitten food is working well for my little Simmie!! offers 88 special kitty cat food products. He’s slim and healthy. Sadly we didn’t notice that the kittens were also losing weight. My mom always bought his food and she always got the science diet. We were feeding them with a Pedigree brand canned food marketed for dogs. When I moved out he came with me. This is also an all life stage food. In order to provide you the most appropriate and trust-worthy recommendations, we base our endorsements solely on the quality of the products as they relate to the topic of the article they appear in. Smucker Company. The food appears to have a very high water weight, and a low protein ratio. Maker: J.M. Don’t understand why so many others have problems.. Bad food doesn’t show up immediately after giving it. Vet always says he is healthy with no issues. No guaranteed analysis is provided on the site. How do you buy Battle Cats Cat Food And Special Kitty Cat Food Review Download no