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She admits that she lost her faith, but if she realized that if she didn't believe she would have let her down so she tried to get her faith back. The Originals (TV Series 2013–2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Despite being a witch though, Sophie could never use her power for defense, due to the dangers of the prohibition of magic placed upon her coven. July 10, 1966 in New Zealand) plays Sophie Devereaux in the series Leverage. The Originals. Her most powerful feat so far, however, was the completion of the Harvest, a powerful spell that reestablished the connection between the living and the dead of the witch community and empowered hundreds of witches with ancestral magic. Sophie Devereaux est un personnage de fiction de la série télévisée américaine Leverage, interprété par Gina Bellman. Sophie left New Orleans to see the world when she was twenty-one. She'd gotten a job at a local pub, Rousseau's, that was run by 2 sisters, Jane Anne and Sophie Devereaux. While she's trying to pay her respects to Jane-Anne she's attacked by vampires but Elijah saves her. When he overdoes the act, the team finds itself forced to break into the most secure vault in Boston. Sophie quickly sensed that Hayley was pregnant with Hope, and she realized that Klaus is the father. Sophie was told about the Harvest but was skeptical of its authenticity. However, her niece did not forgive Sophie for losing her faith and initially doubting the power of The Harvest. Sophie est assez tranquille et s'énerve rarement. Once Elijah gets Klaus to agree, she explains that the first step is Marcel accepting Klaus into his inner circle. Despite these leadership qualities, Sophie was shown to not be above lying to others to achieve her goals. c. 1989 (New Orleans, Age 22-23) "Klaus, this is Sophie Devereaux." Avec Hardison, elle a un comportement un peu différent, laissant le soin à Nathan de le cadrer même si elle s'inquiète pour lui de temps à autre. This was probably the only way to actually use something similar to magic and go around Marcel's prohibition of magic. I tried. Thus, due to the delay of the Harvest's last stage, the Reaping, (previously performed by Sophie only to be hijacked by Celeste), Sophie's power, despite being the only elder alive, with the rest of the witches weakened incredibly, demonstrated when Marcel, in desperate need of her help asked for a locating spell, yet there was so little power left in the earth, that Sophie could barely even channel it anymore, as it was previously jacked by Céleste. Fiche du personnage sur le site officiel TNT, Portail des séries télévisées américaines, https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sophie_Devereaux&oldid=130583625, Article utilisant l'infobox Personnage (fiction), Portail:Séries télévisées américaines/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Daniella Pineda (born c. 1987/1988) is an American actress, writer, and comedian. Sophie takes him to Hayley, announcing that she's pregnant with Klaus' child. First seen Sophie Devereaux Camille O'Connell Davina Claire Sabine Josh Rosza Diego Father Kieran Thierry Vanchure Celeste Bastianna Genevieve Monique Papa Tunde Eve Tim Clara. The Originals (TVD)Always and Forever (TO) Marcel urges her to keep trying but Klaus arrives and takes Monique for his own plans. ☾ the vampire diaries and the originals are my drug ☽ hey, i'm alexane and i have 15 yo i'm french... shit. Sophie's bloodline put the curse on Hayley's bloodline which keeps them in wolf form. Born Episode Count Family Members Monique attacks her and says that she must die because she doesn't have enough faith. Sophie arrived late and attempted to stop the proceedings, but could only look on helplessly as her niece Monique was the third to be sacrificed. The Originals Quotes. Thinking her Coven to be responsible, he immediately super-speeds and grabs Sophie by the neck. This is a sideblog so don't send me asks. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) In The Originals, Sophie observes her sister, Jane-Anne, interacting with Hayley at the restaurant they both work at in New Orleans. Klaus said with a grin. Sophie whispered, staring at him. Sa relation avec Eliot est un peu différente. Sophie Devereaux est un personnage de fiction de la série télévisée américaine Leverage, interprété par Gina Bellman. Eva also mentioned that Sophie was the one who revealed her pregnancy to her through her gift. Sophie is reluctant to allow her sister to do the spell, as Witches have been prohibited from using magic by Marcel, but Jane-Anne reassures her and they proceed. Katie and Sophie channeling the Ancestors. She apparently sobered enough a little while later to help deduce the implications of the marks, and assists Elijah and Hayley at getting pass through the confinement spell that keeps Rebekah part of a sacrificial spell done by Papa Tunde. Jane-Anne had prepared her daughter for the Harvestonce the Elders voted yes for it. She was best friends with Davina until her death. I cannot remember if the connection was broken in some way. Elle a commencé le métier d'arnaqueuse très tôt en changeant de nombreuses fois d'identité. She then agrees to release Hayley to Elijah but promises him that, if Klaus double-crosses them, she would kill her. picture of the century. Sophie had the typical weaknesses of a witch. Brown Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Defeated, Sophie has no idea what to do, until Elijah offers a solution in the form of his mother; Esther. Sophie had a strict upbringing and became an aunt to Monique while she was in grade school. Klaus refuses to do as she says, but Sophie insists that because Jane-Anne sacrificed herself rather than reveal their plan to Marcel, Hayley and the child's fates rest with the witches. A family of power-hungry thousand-year-old vampires look to take back the city that they built and dominate all those who have done them wrong. Si elle est très douée pour jouer l'actrice lors ses interventions avec l'équipe, en revanche elle est très mauvaise quand il s'agit de jouer réellement la comédie sur scène[4]. She cries over her sister's grave. She had a slim figure, and looked much like her sister. Soph (nickname) 3. Cause of death Sophie also possessed limited psychic abilities, having the gift of being able to detect a pregnancy, which is how she figured out Hayley was pregnant. She also had a special gift as a witch, the ability to feel if a woman is pregnant, which helped with Hayley's situation a lot. She also knew a lot of methods related to both witchcraft and old medicine, proved as she always knew which herbs to use in specific situations. Sophie and Sabine (Best Friends/Former Allies), She has a special gift of telling when a woman is pregnant. Welcome . Then, with earth, wind, and water already done, Marcel comes, carrying Davina with fire trailing after her. Significant kills The first spell she performed on-screen was the one that linked her life to Hayley's, as well as confirming the father of Hayley's child is Klaus, together with her sister Jane-Anne. Sophie seemed to wear more make-up compared to the other females; she wore black eye-makeup to match her dark eyes and eyebrows. Daniella Pineda However, once Monique realized that Sophie still lacked faith in the coven and the ancestral magic that they practice, she killed Sophie with a death hex on the Ancestors orders. 9 (TO)1 (TVD)10 (totaled) She eventually returned to work at Rousseau's as she wanted to become a chef, and began a casual relationship with Marcel. Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux, "The Grifter": An accomplished British grifter with a taste for art theft and a desire to become a legitimate actress. We know very little about him except that he was of British nobility and his death hit Sophie very hard. The death of her niece convinced her to take a more active role in the affairs of the witches. Height Rebekah asks Sophie to do a locator spell on Elijah but she refuses due to Marcel's law. She is my heart and soul. Helping Jane-Anne cast the spell to confirm Hayley's pregnancy and also link her with HayleyLocating DavinaLocating Céleste's remainsSealing the Cemetery from vampiresSummoning The AncestorsFueling Katie with ancestral powerConsecrating EstherCompleting the Harvest RitualLocating a daggered Elijah (interrupted by Rebekah Mikaelson)Locating Genevieve, Céleste and Bastianna She tells Elijah to get Klaus to agree to their plan to overthrow Marcel. Then I realized that if I didn't believe, I would be letting you down. In Crescent City, after the death of Papa Tunde caused Monique to finally return to life, Sophie was finally reunited with her niece for a brief amount of time. The Originals (TVD)Crescent City (TO)Haunter of Ruins (Mentioned) (TO). This proved to be her downfall as she wasn't able to defend herself from her niece, who returned as a powerful witch from the dead due to the harvest. Family information With this goal in mind, Sophie finally began devoting herself to the cause, becoming more serious about her magic and plotting to finally capture the lone surviving Harvest witch, Davina Claire, so that she could complete the ritual and bring her niece back from the dead. Sophie made it clear that she would do whatever it took to reach her goal, which made her dangerous to have as an enemy. Gabriela Deveraux † (Ancestor)Marcy Deveraux † (Ancestor)Sebastien Deveraux † (Ancestor)Phillipe Deveraux † (Ancestor)Mathilde Deveraux † (Ancestor)Brynne Deveraux † (Relative)Stephanie Laveau † (Ancestor)Frederick Deveraux † (Ancestor)Unnamed ParentsJane-Anne Deveraux † (Older Sister)Monique Deveraux † (Niece) Sabine gives Sophie a hairbrush full of Davina's hair and they do a locator's spell to track down Davina. Since Klaus has previously ruled over New Orleans for years, Sophie decided she could use his unborn child as her leverage to get him to help her. Sophie contacts Hayley and promises that she will undo the curse Marcel put on her family if Hayley tells her where Céleste's body is buried. About the site . 5'5" (Feet)1.65 (Meters) In Always and Forever, Sophie is with Jane-Anne's body when Marcel arrives to take it away. Elle est née en Angleterre. William's Aunt, the Countess of Kensington, lives in London. In the past, she was a light-hearted girl who enjoyed partying and didn't care much for witchcraft. Hair color Sophie … "You're actually … Holy shit, you can't be killed." Sophie slits Davina's throat, killing her, and causing the power to flow out of Davina. The Originals is welcoming another good-looking vampire with questionable intentions to its ranks.. Taylor Cole (Heroes) will recur on the CW series as Sofya, a … Sophie saw the fourth girl, Davina, receive the combined power of the three girls who had been sacrificed before her. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Monique and a few other witches watch as she is buried. She also gives Elijah further instructions: Klaus must do all he can to undermine Marcel's rule but above all else, he must keep him alive. Elle sait parler six langues et dialectes dont l'espagnol, le chinois, le serbe et le français avec de très bons accents, et a escroqué des gens riches aux quatre coins du monde. She eventually returned to work at Rousseau's as she wanted to become a chef, and began a casual relationship with Marcel. After the delayed completion of The Harvest, Sophie eventually got Monique back after a year of desperation. Finally, Klaus' biological father - what was most sad was that Klaus was so paranoid that he couldn't even take the chance of getting to know his own father - even though he might have been able to show Klaus something of what being a good parent is, and they could have had a proper relationship. Dragon Wishes 2,373 views. He asks what business Jane-Anne had with Klaus. Sophie Devereaux est une escroc spécialisée dans le vol d'œuvres d'art et l'imposture : elle met à profit son talent théâtral en se faisant passer pour des individus imaginaires, afin d'aider son équipe à résoudre le coup sur lequel ils œuvrent. In House of the Rising Son, Rebekah arrives in the Quarter looking for Elijah, announcing that he told her all about Sophie. i love tvd more than food MY INSTAGRAM: xweirdalexx She took the lead over the coven in critical times, giving further indication that she was a powerful witch. Then Monique kills her and leaves with Sabine, Bastianna, and Genevieve. Sophie was a member of the Deveraux Family. This, instead of empowering the community as it was supposed to, left them even weaker, bringing them closer to complete disempowerment. Sophie asks Davina if she believes in the harvest, to which Davina replies "yes." WitchAncestral Spirit (Formerly) Sophie a, par le passé, travaillé avec un autre escroc, Marcus Starke, qui la considère comme l'une des plus douées au monde, ce qui poussera le pirate informatique Colin « Chaos » Mason, ennemi juré d'Hardison, à tenter de la tuer avec une bombe[1]. Biographical information + Klaus was lured back into the city, and Sophie's sister Jane-Anne was killed by Marcel when Klaus expressed interest in speaking with her. Sophie Devereaux Camille O'Connell Davina Claire Supporting Cast: Thierry Vanchure Diego Jackson Oliver Celeste Genevieve Monique Devereaux Josh Rosza Father Kieran Bastianna Mikael Mikaelson Jane Ann Devereaux Agnes Papa Tunde Tim Clara Eve. Sophie Deveraux - Can't Fight The Moonlight - Duration: 5:34. Gender In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Sophie became an Elder with the Mikaelsons' help and unknowingly performed the rest of the ritual, which, unbeknownst to anyone else, allowed Céleste Dubois to bring back three powerful dead witches to serve her own agenda. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Sophie Deveraux was a witch, and later an Elder, of the French Quarter Coven who was also a former antagonist and a former main character on The Originals. Her sister Jane-Anne had great confidence in Sophie, stating that she was never wrong. Elle semble toujours très éprise de lui mais Nathan a beaucoup de mal à se décider. Sophie appears in the backdoor pilot of The Originals. Au volant d'une voiture, elle a une conduite très sportive expliquant qu'elle a appris à conduire avec un chauffeur de taxi à Istanbul[7]. She refuses to tell Elijah why because she doesn't trust him yet. Last seen Sophie and Marcel go after him to get her back and when Klaus is distracted with his fight with him, Sophie gets Papa Tunde's blade and pushes it into Klaus' heart. Though, due to that ancestor being possessed by Celeste, it remains unknown if Sophie could actually reverse the curse. She shared her doubts with Marcel, unaware that he already had an age… 2. "Original Hybrid." I tried to get it back. This allowed her to complete the Harvest, which finally released the ancestral power into the earth, however, it was soon hijacked by a powerful witch named Celeste. Her power increased even more when she became the only living elder at the time (in her coven), one of the most powerful witches in her coven, with the direct link to the ancestors, and access to all of the power filling the earth to which only elders have access to (though it was relatively weak at the time due to the delay of the harvest). Sophie refuses to confide why The Originals are back in New Orleans. She keeps Hayley for several days until Klaus and Elijah arrive in New Orleans , whence Sophie reveals, first to Elijah and then to Klaus, that she possesses the supernatural gift for detecting when a girl is pregnant, and that Hayley bears Klaus' child. Sophie then explains to Rebekah how Marcel rose to power. Sophie tells Rebekah about their plans to overthrow Marcel. In spite of this, she will not hesitate to work with adversaries in order to achieve the greater good. Bellman is a New Zealand-born British actress, whose most famous role before Leverage was as Jane in the BBC show Coupling. "Comes with the territory." She grew up close to Sophie because there was a few years age difference and became aware of her witch legacy at some point. Significant spells And Sophie Devereaux - all she did was try to help her niece, and in the end died by her own hand. Newer Articles Older Articles Show Selector. 1. Sophie originally wanted nothing to do with the French Quarter Coven. Marcel asks her to locate the witches and Sophie wants to make a deal before she helps him. Monique Deveraux Comically, her attempts to make a career as an actress lead to nothing but … Sophie asks him money to leave the city with Monique because she hopes that they could escape this witch-vampire war and live normal lives. With Sophie away, Hardison plays the inside man to take down an unscrupulous diamond merchant. As a child, she has long red hair, light blue eyes and freckled cheeks. Appearance "Sophie, Klaus Mikaelson." Later, Jane-Anne and Sophie travel to a cemetery where Jane-Anne intends to perform a spell. Everyone else, read on… Another episode of The Originals, another witch down! 2:49. Despite barely any demonstrations of her power, it can be assumed Sophie was a powerful witch, as the rest of her coven was. The Mikaelson Family. Sophie was told about the Harvest but was skeptical of its authenticity. The Originals act as a conduit, sending the power to Sophie to consecrate, making her an Elder. 5:34 . Created by Julie Plec. Sophie Deveraux Hex/Blood loss Title(s) 0:31. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes. During her time in Limbo, Monique witnessed what was happening in … When she tries locator spell she realizes that she is weaker than she thought and is able to locate only one of them. Davina Claire (2nd Time) Elle éprouve de l'affection pour toute l'équipe et fait un peu figure de mère-poule (sauf pour Nate qui dans la structure de l'équipe endosse le rôle du père), les écoutant et donnant toujours des encouragements. At the beginning of The Originals timeline, Sophie met Hayley Marshall. Killed by She shared her doubts with Marcel, unaware that he already had an agenda to prevent the ritual. She eventually returned to work at Rousseau's as she wanted to become a chef, and began a casual relationship with Marcel. Cami had come to NOLA after 1 semester as a Psych grad student to investigate the death of her twin brother, Sean. Sophie left New Orleans to see the world when she was twenty-one. Daniella Pineda (born February 20, 1987) is a Mexican-American actress, writer, and comedian from ... Born: February 20, 1987. Sophie had a strict upbringing and left to see the world when she was twenty-one. Despite her negative opinion about witchcraft in general, she did show a great amount of knowledge about it. Using the fact that the baby is alive, the Originals buy property in the child's name, and the bury their mother in New Orleans' land, connecting their mother to the ancestral power, and her to it. As I remember, she was connected to Hailey. Sophie tries to talk Jane-Anne out of performing the spell. Sophie had not believed in the power of the ritual, likening it to a Biblical story like Noah's Ark and generally regarding the ceremony as an act of barbaric violence. She's almost successful, but Rebekah stops her when Katie's killed. Sophie Deveraux is a witch, antagonist, and a main character in Season 1 of The Originals. She comes up with a plan to continue the Harvest. Sophie was described as a leader armed with a sharp tongue and confidence. In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Agnes kidnaps her and use her link to Hayley as an advantage for the werewolf to miscarry her baby through a high temperance brought on by Dark Magic. Sophie makes her return in The Casket Girls, and finds out Davina is missing and away from Marcel. Consultez la liste des tâches à accomplir en page de discussion. Instead, she used martial arts to defend herself when needed. Sophie had a boyfriend we know only as \"William\". Thanks to Mac for the heads up. Home Inbox The Originals TO GIFS TAGS OLD STUFF MY EDIT ARCHIVE. She told Klaus this when explaining how she knew. Elle a une relation assez spéciale avec Nate avec qui elle a eu une histoire (sans doute amoureuse) dans son passé. Female Bartender/Chef (Formerly)Elder of the French Quarter CovenMember of the Ancestors (Formerly) After the winds start, the Originals have no choice but to go along with the Harvest ritual, in order to save the city. What made her an elder of sorts was the fact that she consecrated one of the most powerful witches, Esther to the ground, was made an elder through channeling Esther's magic and added her powers to the ancestral fold. Then, Sophie attempts to finish the ritual by repeatedly calling on the reaping to resurrect the four girls. Once there, the Originals demand to know what is going on with Davina, when an earthquake hits. The result of Davina's alliance with Marcel gave him power over the witches, and he banned them all from using their magic by using Davina's ability to sense magic to enforce his rule. She had a visible tattoo on her right shoulder, although it is unknown what its significance was or when she got it. In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Sophie comes back to the graveyard with Céleste's bones, noting that whatever Sabine is doing, it smells horrible. Monique convinces her that Marcel is there to help them because he is loyal to Davina. Daniella Pineda plays Sophie Deveraux on The Originals. In Sinners and Saints, Sophie is informed by Elijah that the original deal is void. Each of the older witches resurrected by Céleste, including Céleste herself, took the place of the four Harvest witches who were intended to come back following the completion of the ritual, devastating Sophie and sending her on a self-destructive path of excessive alcohol consumption and meaningless sex to cope with having failed her mission. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 11 octobre 2016 à 21:09. Eye color A blog dedicated to danielle campbell, everything I post here is made by me and I only ask that you give me credit if using something of mine. In Dance Back from the Grave, Sophie first appears drunk, with a bottle of liquor in hand, before Klaus, who was investigating a series of murdered vampires in connection to ritualistic marks that had begun cropping up all over the French Quarters. Sophie and Jane-Anne devised a plan to retrieve Davina from Marcel to complete the Harvest, under the belief that only then all four girls could be brought back to life. However, after watching her niece be sacrificed during the proceedings, Sophie latched onto the hope that the Harvest was real and Monique could come back if the ritual was finally completed. Caroline said with a smile at the witch who had just arrived and stopped dead. In the past, she was a light-hearted girl who enjoyed partying and didn't care much for witchcraft. The Originals is an American television series, which is the spin-off of the hit show, The Vampire Diaries, that began airing on The CW during the 2013–14 American television season. She also has a side fringe. my other blogs . Sophie had a strict upbringing and became an aunt to Monique while she was in grade school. In Long Way Back From Hell, she is buried in her family crypt. She was hexed by Monique and killed for not believing in the Harvest. "What's that?" En fait, on apprend dans la saison 2 que Sophie Devereaux n'est pas son vrai nom[1]. In The Originals, she was shown to have lighter brown tips in her hair. In the last episode of The Originals, Monique killed Sophie Devereaux. She had also performed the Reaping (the last stage of the Harvest in which the sacrificed are resurrected), however, it was manipulated into resurrecting 3 other witches instead of the Harvest Girls, much to Sophie's dismay, leaving her to believe that she had actually failed the ritual, without knowing that it was actually hijacked. Trailer. However, Elijah arrives and announces that he cares, before telling Sophie to come with him. About a month after starting, Marcel started showing up specifically to talk to Cami.
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