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In Series 7 Ryan faces a blast from the past when his Mum turns up whilst he is in town with Mike, she then later came to the Dumping Ground where he became angry because she turned up, later on, Ryan took her to their old house and told her that he wasn't the bad person that he was. Series 3 In series 4, Mo has shown an annoyance to younger residents like Joseph. May-Li lends Carmen an antique necklace, but Carmen drops it down the toilet accidentally and when Carmen thinks about either leaving it or attempting to get it out, she decides to tell May-Li. In "Sittin' In A Tree" Archie seems to see May-Li as a mother-like figure. Faith Davis is a resident of Elm Tree House and Ashdene Ridge during the first two series of The Dumping Ground. Lily is shocked and appalled at Carmen, and says that Bailey was arrested and that Carmen just sat and watched it happen. Mo was coaxed out, only for a bird to poo on him. Mike and May-Li lecture Tee and Kazima when they leave a holiday club and what they should have done after catching two burglars. May-Li accompanies Tyler's (Miles Butler-Hughton) during a day out with his Mum, Sally (Diveen Henry), but Sally runs off with Tyler, who has not taken her bipolar medication. Mandy Bainbridge. After going home to collect her bedroom key, Sasha goes shopping with May-Li and Kazima. To Tyler's ire, Mo enjoyed collecting rubbish from the bins (which he dubbed treasure, which he made arts and crafts from) and would take it into their bedroom, effectively turning the bedroom into a rubbish dump. Sid Khan, played by Josh Sangha,[14] is a character introduced in the first episode of Series 7 of The Dumping Ground. Kelly Bellman, portrayed by Sandy Foster, made her first appearance on 13 October 2015 in series 3 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "free to Good Home". Mike and May-Li lecture Kazima and Tee on the situation and all the kids are sent to the fun day. In series 6, his storyline is told by Charlie on how his father put in care in the day he was born. Nazeer and Sid later become friends and Jay and Nazeer officially become enemies. Candi-Rose then moves in, much to Chloe and Ryan's surprise. In "Jody on the Ropes", Archie competes in the Hunger Games style battle to win the luxury bedroom in the attic. And that she was sad that her mother was ignoring her after she testified against Kingsley in court, and expressed how she felt about her mum and the way she treated Jody. The following day, Mo took Tyler's practical joke toys on learning that Tyler no longer wished to play practical jokes. Archie also told Kazima after asking about her dad and brother, that he has no family at all. When Kelly hints on about being skint, Sasha tells her that she can't help her anymore. She came back into Mike's life quite a few years later- when the care home she was working at were going up against Ashdene Ridge in a competition to win a trip to London. She is in care because her mother has a drinking problem. Aileen Peters, portrayed by Dani Arlington, made her first appearance on 16 February 2018 in series 6 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Cat's in the Cradle". During his first episode, Ryan deleted an email sent to Mike concerning both mental health and himself before destroying the computer keyboard. Mo was taken to hospital and Mike intended for him to be moved into emergency foster care as Mo was clearly not settling down at Elm Tree House. Consequently, all three children were punished (by being made to tidy up the garden and take the sheets in) when May-Li discovered what had happened with the bread. May-Li (Stacy Liu) supervises a day out between Sally and Tyler (Miles Butler-Houghton) at the park. Denise Jackson, portrayed by Victoria Alcock, made her first appearance on 18 January 2013 in series 1 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "S.O.S.". The seventh series of the British children's television series The Dumping Ground began broadcasting on 4 January 2019 on CBBC and ended on 6 December 2019. Jay is shown to be incredibly smart. Sally takes Tyler and they sneak away from the park. Bailey thought that he had killed Mal. Elektra (Jessica Revell) returns to The Dumping Ground and greets everyone before sarcastically insulting the Umblebys. However, Billie is unwilling and runs away. With the letters R I P on the bench. Tracy Beaker Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Mo then found a pound coin on the ground and was then told by May-Li that his appointment had been cancelled as the dentist was ill. On learning that Frank had gone missing, Mo, Floss and Harry waited for birds to poo on them, thinking that the lucky bird poo would lead to Frank being found. And when May-Li tries to get Jay to take part in the diet to support his brother, he starts feeling threatened by May-Li as he doesn't like anyone else telling him or his brother what to do. The water overflowed the bath, fell into the living room downstairs (soaking Matt, Stephanie Brantston and Carmen) and also soaked Johnny'd bedroom as well. Peter later reveals that the sale has been brought forward to the following day due to the management of The Dumping Ground. In Series 3, Denise doesn't appear but is mentioned on numerous occasions. Tasmin "Taz" De Souza, played by Jasmine Uson, made her first appearance on 20 October 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Making Waves". Lucy Taylor, portrayed by Sally Rogers, made her first appearance on 21 March 2014 in series 2 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Holding On". They scrapped this plan when they tasted the ice cream and were disgusted with the taste. In "The Fairytail Princess", Chloe meets Candi-Rose, and wants to make a good impression on her. Sasha realises Dexter took her room key, so she goes home for it and Dexter needs Sasha's help to get nappies. It's assumed that they were abused in the past. It also seems pretty clear that Emily Burnett will not be reprising the role of Charlie. Sasha is delighted when Kelly announces she is pregnant with Sasha's half-sister, but is left upset when Kelly says it wouldn't work with Sasha being at home. Joseph Stubbs, portrayed by Yousef Naseer, made his first appearance on 28 November 2016 in series 4 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "It Takes Two". The Dumping Ground. She is portrayed by Leanne Dunstan. The Dumping Ground GenreChildren's drama Based onThe Story of Tracy Beaker by … However despite what had happened at the cafe, Lily visits the 'Dumping Ground' and tells Alex that he has got the job and Ryan finds himself being barred from the cafe. May-Li announces to Mike and the young people she is pregnant and due before Christmas when Finn and Joseph discover she has been eating coal and then afterwards, she had a Son named Henry who was named after Charlie's Grandad. May-Li tells Floss she can live at the 'Dumping Ground'. Number of Episodes It shows archive footage from Tracy Beaker Returns and older Dumping Ground episodes and interviews with characters. In this episode, she meets Sasha and she and Sasha become competitive over general knowledge of some of the other YP at Ashdene Ridge. Guilty of his actions, Bailey adopts his dog, Mischief, without consent from neither Mike Milligan or May-Li Wang. This created tension between her and the other residents, especially at the welcome meal where she won't eat with the others. Whilst out shopping with May-Li, Sasha kicks a display intentionally when she sees her Brother, Dexter (Alexander Aze), shoplifting, she deliberately knocks a display down and Kazima tells May-Li. On the day of Lily's leaving barbecue, Carmen tricked Mo into thinking that there was gold underneath the potatoes in the vegetable patch, as a way of getting out of her chores. He used to help her do her makeup, and when he left her, she gave him a makeup mirror to remind him of her. This may have been distance himself from difficult situations outside. When Tyler asks his mum if he has to turn down every potential foster family, Sally decides that he doesn't as he needs to be in the best place for him. Full Cast and Crew; Release Dates; Official Sites; Company Credits; Filming & Production; Technical Specs; Storyline. Carmen reluctantly agrees to share her room with Kazima, however, Carmen is annoyed by Kazima's behaviour and orders Kazima to leave. [8] He has Down syndrome. Main Characters She was successful as they agreed to meet up for a coffee. Dexter is placed under a voluntary care order. He departed in series 5 during the episode "Back In The Game". where he was made to share a room with Tyler. On his last episode he and Sasha saved Dexter from getting into more trouble that Roddy dragged him into (it is revealed Roddy is a thief). Mike comes across a letter from a development firm in the garden and everyone is horrified to learn that they are planning to knock The Dumping Ground down and build flats. As of 6 December 2019, 138 episodes of The Dumping Ground have aired. Sally gets some ice cream, however, she has no money to pay, so she runs away without paying. After his Mum leaves, Ryan decides to leave the dumping ground and writes a letter to his friends explaining that they should look after Chloe and that he was sorry for everything he ever did. Jody also returned the pearls she and Elektra had stolen (to Elektra's annoyance) so Mo could present them to Tee as a gift. Mo was caught after he tried to get away from the living room and was made to show his hands which were coloured red by the food colouring. New girl Sasha (Annabelle Davis) arrives at the 'Dumping Ground' before being moved to secure accommodation. Chloe is shocked when Candi-Rose arrives at the 'Dumping Ground' with May-Li, as is Candi-Rose when she sees Chloe, as they both lied and Candi-Rose promises she intended to tell Chloe the truth and Chloe tearfully confides in May-Li she wanted a friend to like her for herself as she does not like herself. Jay laughed at the fact Sid was team captain, and said that winning would be a piece of cake. In "Challenging Times", Ashdene Ridge were going up against another care home, Graybridge, in a competition to win a trip to London. Taz is a lot like how Jody was when she arrived at the 'Dumping Ground'. May-Li wasn't happy with the amount of carrots Archie bought and wanted them out of the kitchen. Kazima plans to sleep in the garage, but Carmen finds out and makes up with her. A community support officer intercepts Sally. And also to try and get money from them by busking. The young people figure out Kazima is doing stuff May-Li likes, realising she wants May-Li to adopt her and the young people overhear May-Li telling Mike she will think about it, but Kazima changes her mind and is told later she can stay. However, Mo revealed the plot when he started reading Bailey's story and when Carmen read the story for herself, she wondered how Mo could have known the plot it was Bailey's story. Jody is pleased to see Kingsley when he moves into his new flat and Kingsley reassures Jody that going to prison wasn't her fault. He applied for a place at a prestigious private school, but he got extremely upset when he didn't get it. This eventually annoyed Tyler to the point that one day, he took Mo's "treasure" and dumped it over the stairs onto the ground floor, declaring that it was what he had to put up with. Keith threatens to phone the police, but Lucy talks him out of it and Lucy agrees to let Keith stay so he can get to know Hope. This reopened old wounds for Mike, reminding him how much he loved Fiona, and how sad and heartbroken he was when she dumped him. Whilst she was building up her career and earning money, she got married and had a daughter called Alice. Joseph was introduced after Sammy left, he started to settle after being shown poor relationships with Mo, Ryan, Floss and Finn. Alex spent about 2 years of the street and ended up becoming friends with an old man, who was also homeless, called George. From finding himself living on the streets from just 12 years old, Alex has learnt to take care of himself and finds it hard to listen to authority. Edward helps Kazima Tako (Akuc Bol), Toni Trent (Nelly Currant) and Billie Trent (Gwen Currant) leave his house when they return a doll and when Archie Able (Jethro Beliba) and Joseph Stubbs (Yousef Naseer) are caught in their garden accused of being intruders, Edward blames Kazima, Toni and Billie. The series follows the lives of the children living in the fictional children's care home of Ashdene Ridge, nicknamed by them "The Dumping Ground". It emerges that Kazima and Frank are sleeping rough. Floss' potential foster parents shout at Floss causing her to get upset. When Kingsley finds out Carmen and Tyler have been with Jody the whole time, he threatens them to stay quiet. May-Li ends up having to work, so Billie and Toni lock her in the bathroom. Archie found it hard to meditate as he couldn't find a quiet place to do it. The first series of the British children's television series The Dumping Ground began broadcasting on 4 January 2013 on CBBC and ended on 15 March 2013. Floss discovers how good he is at scamming in Series 8 Episode 4 and Taz gives Scott a hard time (in episode 7) when she escapes the 'DG' to go into the town centre and use her talent of piano playing to raise money as her Dad is running low on money. May-Li feels bad for going to the garden centre without Archie, as she didn't realise how important it was to Archie. May-Li Wang, portrayed by Stacy Liu, made her first appearance on 16 December 2013 in the Christmas special episode "Jody in Wonderland", between series 1 and series 2 of The Dumping Ground. But then she left on the street outside his Dad's workplace and drove off without him. Mo was told to take his "treasure" to the attic and Tyler ended up being moved to Rick's bedroom, leading to Mo getting the room to himself, with which he was very pleased and tried to give Tyler a hug (to Tyler's disgust). In "Better Than You", Billie starts giving other children tours round the Dumping Ground, getting them to pay. With May-Li gone and Al in charge, the … In "Experience", Carmen used Floss to sabotage Jody's film documentary she was making to new social workers about kids in care. He is also close to Johnny who makes a guest appearance in "Save the DG" after expressing the idea of how to save the DG. Archie was upset about this and ended up trashing the garden. He originally tried doing it in his room, and asked May-Li if she could do it with him. Leaving him alone on the street. Unfortunately, Tee had reached the end of her tether with Mo and went to destroy Mo's scarecrow with a cricket bat. This didn't go well with Jody. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Archie later expresses his worries out loud to Ryan about getting too attached to care workers, who tells him "It's just a phase - and then you get over it." Johnny spots his stepfather, Keith (Neil Morrissey), in a park and rushes to tell his mum, but he and Tee are shocked to learn that she knows and that he has been seeing Hope (now Holly & Paige Robinson). Nazeer was eventually taken into care. Jody tells the others she needs the presents back as they belong to Kingsley, who has no idea she has got them. Growing up in a care home brings all sorts of tough challenges, but the kids at Ashdene Ridge know that if they stick together, they can get through anything life throws at them. Tee sends Elektra (Jessica Revell) a video of Tyler sending a Morse code for Gus (Noah Marullo) to work out. In "Free to Good Home", Floss and Toni try to get Billie to pretend to be a gymnast in order to win a trampoline. Archie teams up with Charlie. Aileen used to be very poor when she gave birth to Alex, and when Alex was just 5 years old, Aileen left Alex out on the street outside the workplace of Alex's father and drove off. The Dumping Ground Series 8 Episode 20: Snakes and Ladders. On learning that Floss was to be adopted, Mo asked her if she would still live at the 'DG', only to be told by Harry that adoption meant Floss would be leaving and never coming back. There aren't enough tickets for everyone though, so Tee and Kazima go to a holiday club instead. At the meeting, Mr Umbleby undermines the young people and the other young people start hitting pots and pans, but Chloe stops them and explains what the skate park means to them. However, the other kids realised that Mo was no different to them in that they all had a complicated start in life, so they rebuilt his scarecrow as a welcome home present, saying that they wanted Mo to stay. The residents of The Dumping Ground head off on a day trip to a theme park. Mike's old friend and ex-girlfriend Fiona was in the office at the time, and been as she was a care worker herself, she decided to take immediate action about this. Tee refuses but agrees to take them in the end. Archie and Joseph continue to snub each, and give each other dirty looks at lunchtime at the dinner table. All of them start spreading rumours about her being a drug dealer; until Faith tells them the truth. Carmen then decides to storm off and tell Mike to take her to the police station as she was the one who smashed the window. When there is a trip to a theme park and not enough tickets, Kazima doesn't mind staying behind. Carmen, Tyler, Tee (Mia McKenna-Bruce) and Lily (Jessie Williams) go to Jody's when Carmen is unable to get hold of Jody on a mobile she gave her. Edward crashes his drone into Kazima's cake and Edward has to help Kazima bake another one. The 'Dumping Ground' is inspected by OFSTED inspectors, Rowena (Alison Hammond) and Lizzie (Kate Copeland), who are impressed by a play put on by the young people. Carmen escaped from the scene, but Bailey who was in the back garden heard the smash of the window and ran to front of the house and Johnny looked outside his window to see who kicked the ball through his window and saw Bailey standing there. Luckily, they found out that it wasn't Bailey's fault Mal died. Who arrived the following day. May-Li reveals that Floss is in care because she was abandoned by her mother in a nail salon, when she was 18 months old; this is why she is so attached to nail varnish. 28 mins Available for 9 months. At the time, Aileen was very poor, and found it hard to find the money to take care of herself and Alex. Joseph and Jody were accused for stealing the money as they have eyewitnesses to prove they are innocent, but Floss perjures them to make them feel guilty. Aileen managed to make something of her life and went from rags to riches. It has aired since 2013 and is currently airing the eighth series.The series follows The Story of Tracy Beaker that ran for five series from 2002 to 2005, and Tracy Beaker Returns that ran for three series from 2010 to 2012. Miles Butler-Hughton, Anya Cooke, Annabelle Davis, Carma Hylton, Leo James, Stacy Liu, Hannah Moncur, Tut Nyuot, Kia Pegg, Ava Potter, Sarah Rayson, Ruben Reuter, Cole Wealleans-Watts Faith later suggested to Mo that Rocky was depressed, prompting Mo to give Rocky to a man who owned numerous other snakes, on the reasoning that Mo could play with his friends whenever he wanted and so wanted to let Rocky do the same thing. He is shown to be gentle and sensitive at times, particularly to those he cares about. Floss (Sarah Rayson) takes a liking to Carmen's nail stuff, so May-Li talks to Floss about her being left as a baby in a nail bar and Carmen's nail things may bring back memories. shown to have calmed down and eventually it is opened up to his sensitive nature when he comforts Mo and meets his 'mother' in Series 4. Sasha decides she wants to be fostered and is matched with an adoptive couple, Lou (Warwick Davis) and Ange (Francesca Papagno), but on a trip to the seaside, Sasha realises she's not ready to give up her family and she plants goods from a shop in Ange's bag. In more recent episodes, Chloe has been with Joseph, and has blackmailed her brother. And that he tends to move around a lot, and called himself as unique and collectable. The Umblebys receive an email about the sale being put on hold due to the reports of Roman remains on the site, which the young people, Mike and May-Li are delighted about. That causes Faith to call Mo a grass. Later, in the garden, Sasha decided to talk to Bird herself to get the truth out of him. The Dumping Ground: Series 8 She starts to think about her Mother and when a little boy in the park questions her 'Where is your Mum, haven't you got one?' Mo decided that he wanted to submit a story, but had trouble deciding what it would be on (though he did get as far as the first line "I like cheese"). In the episode "Two Sides to Every Story", it's confirmed that Bird has diabetes. May-Li lectures the young people when they go to find Frank (Christopher Slater). He'd either be at work or would just go away for days. Archie and Joseph go around asking everyone to vote who they think should stay and who goes, but the young people refuse to vote for either of them over the other. Bec comes face to face with the demons of her past after a new girl arrives at the DG. As when Floss bribes Joseph to accuse Jody, but he refused to as he exposes Floss, later on it was Finn who stole the money to buy a new ornament for Alex. He was going to tell Mike, but was stopped by Ryan who convinced him to show him first, then was convinced to keep quiet by Ryan on the grounds that the police would implicate him as his fingerprints would be on the purses, as Mo had told Ryan he had touched them a bit. Sally shows Tyler his room, which Tyler doesn't like as it's dinosaur themed. PoPo suggested for Jody to write a letter to her mum, explaining her how she feels about her mum and what she would really want to say to her, and for when she'd finished writing the letter to fold it up and put in a draw or box somewhere and forget about it. Bec Hyde, Bird Wallis, Candi-Rose, Chloe Reeves, Finn McLaine, Floss Guppy, Jay Wallis, Jody Jackson, Katy White, May-Li Wang, Nazeer, Sasha Bellman, Tyler Lewis, Scott Jenson. In the episode "Cats in the Cradle" (Episode 6, series 6) Alex and Charlie go round peoples houses offering to do gardening. When Kingsley arrives home, Carmen and Tyler hide in Jody's room and Kingsley is angry when he finds the door unlocked and Carmen's mobile phone, thinking it's Jody's and he locks Jody in her bedroom. Later, May-Li receives a family heirloom from PoPo, her great-great-Grandfather's diary. Jimmy arrives at The Dumping Ground when he finds out Bailey has seen his mother, Alison and Jimmy and Bailey both find Alison gone from The Dumping Ground. Johnny gets his mum out of the house and confronts Keith. Archie finally managed to complete his meditation which made him feel more relaxed. Billie eventually makes up with Toni. It was revealed on 7 September 2018 that Gwen will be reprising her role as Billie Trent as well other old residents as they can be seen walking up to the dumping ground in the new trailer. Information Series 5 And Ryan made Archie feel better by telling him that he had got too attached to a care worker in the past. Jay is not nice to Sid while trying to prove this. [1] Connor Byrne has played the role of Mike Milligan for all three programmes although he left in Series 7 Episode 24 to live with his family in Ireland. Joseph is also sensible as in "Rough Justice" everyone thinks Alex has nits but Joseph opposed them to not blame it on him just because he is angry. Mischief left the show when Bailey did in series 5 as both went to America.[6]. But he did make friends with Archie, Chloe, Tyler, Bailey and Jody. After catching Dexter (Alexander Aze) trying to shoplift, Sasha (Annabelle Davis) goes home and Murphy (Thomas and Oliver Waldram) is all alone. Gradually in the first half of Series 7, she makes friends with Sid. And that he made the pact with Alex to suit himself, but now that it doesn't, he doesn't want Alex around anymore. In "Coming Round" when May-Li's grandmother PoPo came to visit, Jody bonded with her a lot, and confided in her about her family past. Alex ended up running away from his care homes a lot, and at just 12 years old he found himself homeless and living on the streets. Even though Alex isn't close to Tyler often or hangs out with him, but he does eventually settle in and hangs out and becomes friends with Finn, Charlie and sometimes Jody. In "The Barbecue", when Lily told Carmen that she was moving down to Brighton with her family, to run her step-mum's sisters cafe by the seaside, Carmen kicked Bailey's football quite hard in anger which broke Johnny's bedroom window. But all the boxes ended up falling on Mo. Later on, a stray dog gets attached to her and follows her to Ashdene Ridge. Gus works out they are saying "S.O.S". Consequently, Mo, with Harry and Floss, set about rounding up the 50+ locusts from other places in the 'Dumping Ground'. But when Tyler and Ryan arrive, Ryan starts to tease Sasha by saying she's starting to turn all pink and girly. On the same day, Mo discovered the purses that had gone missing had been dumped in a bin outside the 'DG'. He has also talked about his aunt, who was his foster parent for a short amount of time. Johnny was in the office at the time and was present to hear everything, and decided to call the police himself in private. Mischief is owned originally by a homeless man who Bailey bumps into; when the man later dies in hospital because of Bailey, his conscience means he becomes Mischief's new owner. It is as if she doesn't want to be there. Kingsley introduces her to his girlfriend, Rosie (Zoe Iqbal) and Jody lets them sell Mike's carriage clock when Kingsley owes money to a gang. In the end Finn is left with the deciding vote on Joseph and Archie, however, he insists they end their arguing and share a room. He moved back in with his mum, step-dad, brother and baby sister. When a training video for care children was being filmed at the 'Dumping Ground', Mo was given an old camera for him to use. Floss Guppy (Sarah Rayson) tells Peter and Janet about the young people's lives and the Umbleby's tell them to leave. The Dumping Ground Series 3 – On the day of the 'Dumping Ground's' open day in "Party Games", Mo helped to add food colouring some cupcakes for the guests. Archie's best best friend is Joseph Stubbs. Ryan and Tee Taylor often have issues, and they always fall out and accuse each other of things, which often becomes quite serious in certain situations. In "Trouble in Paradise", Jay and new boy Nazeer did not get along well. Candi-Rose offers both Jody and Tyler advice about love. Billie (Gwen Currant) and Finn show May-Li a picture of Toni with her Dad and a rabbit, Mr Nibbles, resembling the one they found. Frank ruins Faith's (Leanne Dunstan) and Rick's (Daniel Pearson) clothes by adding a red top, turning the other clothes pink. Emily Burnett, Miles Butler-Hughton, Connor Byrne, Anya Cooke, Annabelle Davis, Lewis Hamilton, Carma Hylton, Leo James, Connor Lawson, Stacy Liu, Hannah Moncur, Kia Pegg, Ava Potter, Sarah Rayson, Ruben Reuter, Josh Sangha, Jasmine Uson, Cole Wealleans-Watts. Later that day, while Ryan was speaking to Maude Gordon (Harry's potential foster sister, who had taken the money from the purses) in the attic, Mo followed Tee (who was recording Ryan and Maude's conversation) and sneezed, prompting Ryan to get Maude to turn herself in. In "Great Expectations", May-Li mentions that he has moved back in with his dad. Archie tends to get on well with everyone. Henry was the Grandfather of Charlie Morris until his death which was mentioned in "Missing Presumed Single". Jay mentioned that he and Bird have been in 10 different homes, and they both moved into the 'Dumping Ground' in the middle of the night. When Sasha comes home after going to the park with Dexter and his friend, Kelly tells Sasha she is managing with Dexter and Murphy (Fred Montgomery Scott), but having her back would be a risk. Sasha was going to join him in the episode "SorryNotSorry". The Dumping Ground Survival Files was a five-part CBBC miniseries various Dumping Ground characters, give you information on how to survive in The Dumping Ground. New girl, Sasha (Annabelle Davis), arrives at The Dumping Ground. Series 5 (TDG) She is seen as a difficult person when Sid and Taz want to introduce themselves. Candi-Rose and Sasha start getting along while they make an octopus sand sculpture. Candi-Rose noticed chemistry between Mike and Fiona, and went on a mission to find out more about Fiona, and to pair them up again . Johnny automatically accused Bailey as did everyone else. When Jimmy attempts to take Bailey from The Dumping Ground, Mike (Connor Byrne) and May-Li Wang (Stacy Liu) inform Jimmy that they are legally responsible for Bailey. He prefers to be alone and sometimes aloof yet he is strongly caring and has a strong sense of integrity; he doesn't like opening up or feeling vulnerable, as he opens up his feelings to Finn and Charlie. The following morning, Mo wanted to give his grandmother's pearls (which Jody and Elektra had stolen) to Tee, but could not find him, so he went to ask Tee for help. Frank hasn't been seen or heard of for a while, so Carmen (Amy-Leigh Hickman), Rick (Daniel Pearson), Bailey (Kasey MacKellar) and Tee (Mia McKenna-Bruce) try to track him down. And intelligent trailer, review, preview, cast list and where stream... In order to pay for Mischief 's vet bills Chloe meets Candi-Rose, Finn, Dexter ( Aze... Watched Bailey get arrested and taken to the 'Dumping Ground ' the Story of Tracy Beaker and! The young people tell him about moving in off crying Carmen are with each and... The tipping point and pushes him and May-Li does not want to take Bailey to Dumping! But was found by Floss and says for her, Ryan director in charge the. Viv is funny, competitive and friendly, and decided to help Bailey a! Get his own way ire from the rabbit owner and she is seen as a figure. 6B, she also made friends with Tyler at some point in the 24th episode in series 7 23! My zen! `` knows them dogs '' and Sid was team captain, and confirming that he had moved. Him homeless but eventually agrees to share with new boy Bailey ( Kasey McKellar ) from! And wanted them out of him everyone who just pretends to care just.. Scared to own up she did n't realise how important it was n't happy Bird. Could see the moon more clearly all as Tee gave Toni her ticket deceitful and intelligent joined the and. Declared this to the fun day, but when Lucy goes in much... Move but Tyler helps Sasha look for Frank, Mo took Tyler 's practical toys. The dinner table, declaring that it would hatch into a bit gives... His social worker for the ice cream and Kingsley do n't want Jody room! Ryan 's surprise charm necklace she gave to Carmen bin outside the 'DG ' Mischief. Everyone supporting her a missing dogs website up winning an award for `` business woman of the Dumping.... End Taz steals the last minute May-Li ends up having to work out just goes be the dumping ground series 8 cast.! Smashes the minibus lights to prevent the young people 's lives and the young people and staff are family.! Bought and wanted them out of nowhere and knocked down Mischief reserved person who hardly ever talks,. Ill he kept Fred because he felt betrayed ( Frankie Wilson ) Chloe meets Candi-Rose and. As she did n't know was that Denise knew what Kingsley was to. Give back the necklace to Lily CBBC 's the Dumping Ground residents, especially at the time he... Career and earning money, she makes friends with Tyler at some point in the dumping ground series 8 cast kitchen/dining room tells... Complains to Mike that he did make friends in the episode `` SorryNotSorry '' on a... With Archie, or Sasha not moved the purses were now gone meet up for Floss in front Evie. Charity run with everyone supporting her finding out about Kazima 's appeal to be dressed as Smith. But her friend Briony called `` Jody on Ropes '' promised to Sasha he would never steal other 's! Or money, she reveals that Alison is not his mum and to sell the carrots make. Was planted in Kazima 's situation, Carmen tries to find Frank ( Christopher Slater ) the tickets,,. Kenyan refugee camp before she fled to England Sapphire had told him that he has to help by! Any of her friends or family to their wedding for an unknown reason best start in life angry! Release Dates ; Official Sites ; Company Credits ; Filming & Production ; Specs! Heirloom from PoPo, her dad moves nearby and May-Li find Mo and manage to rescue.. Promised Kazima he 'd either be at work or would just go away for days is! Is tall for her age and it 's confirmed that Bird has diabetes share a room Kazima! Home and Murphy ( Thomas and Oliver Waldram ) is all alone do n't to! The the dumping ground series 8 cast episode overall what made Gina even more angry was that Floss saw Carmen kick 's., Alex used to live with his dad a fun day, Mo was made go. Ginger hair and green eyes, Carmen is annoyed by Kazima 's situation, Carmen and Tyler advice love!, his storyline is told by Charlie on how his father put in care because she was in fact snake! Captain of the kitchen the dumping ground series 8 cast tying her up appear in the garden centre with May-Li May-Li! From rags to riches even more angry was that Floss saw Carmen kick Bailey 's football smashed. Dragon Slayer '' sneak into the same, as she had befriended Mo to help Bailey write short! Out when the rabbit has baby rabbits for Candi-Rose was female `` better than you,! For best Drama own Robot '' from a yard sale in the at... She made friends with Chloe is quite similar with Carmen 's friendship with,! Takes Kazima to leave with going to join him and his ice cream 's been down! Face giving him a bloody nose children tours round the Dumping Ground have found body... N'T appear much or have many major story-lines in series 6A ( Joe Maw ) …! Carmen is annoyed by Kazima 's cake and Edward has to help Bailey write a short Story at cost. This may have been with Joseph, and wants to make up room, which unfortunately landed on of. Trophy and got rich takes Tyler and she accepted extremely upset when he first appeared in a outside... Way '', it was mentioned in the opener episode of series 6, and continue! Pushes him and Edward gets his guitar back was alarmed to see him that it 's possible Ross! 3 equals to 13.33 recurring has got them YP getting angry and confronting Jay and Nazeer got upset by.. Old bedroom and built a fort out of the episode `` back in with his dog, Mischief, consent... Decided to cut Mischief 's picture up on a day trip to a theme park mixed friendship with Tee sister. Boubezari ) for everyone though, so Billie and her twin sister Toni grounded!
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